Custom Instrument Ordering

Alexander, Engelbert Schmid, and Finke horns and Bach and Schilke trumpets and trombones can be custom built to your order. Many different choices or bore, alloy, and options are available. We are always happy to help you explore the possibilities and come up with just the instrument you want.

Here's how we handle the ordering process:  

After consultation, we will email you a quote detailing the exact specifications of your new instrument and the price. Look it over carefully and inform us immediately if anything is amiss. 

When you're ready to order, send us an email confirming that you've checked the quote and that everything on it is correct.  When we receive your deposit ($1000 for trumpets, $2000 for double horns, $2500 for triple horns) we will place your order with the maker.  The deposit can be paid by credit card, personal check, or PayPal (We'll send you a PayPal invoice). You may cancel your order and receive a full refund of your deposit up to thirty days from the date of order. After thirty days, the instrument is considered to be in production and the deposit is non-refundable.

When the maker advises us that your instrument is ready for shipment we will contact you for payment of the balance due. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or by bank check.  You should expect the horn about two-to-three weeks after the balance has been paid. When we get the horn we will check it over, lubricate and adjust as needed, and mate it up with any added accessories before we repack it and ship it to you. We'll keep you advised along the way to make sure it arrives when and where you want it.

What if I get my instrument and don't like it?

Our makers are the finest in the world; their meticulously crafted instruments represent the zenith of the art. It's really rare to have a problem. If there is a defect we'll work with you and the maker to rectify it. If you don't wish to keep an instrument we will resell it for you. Please see our Return Policy for details.


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