Mouthpiece Modification

Opening a backboreYour mouthpiece is the all-important link between you and your instrument. The right mouthpiece can improve your instrument and your playing; a poor one can impede it. A mouthpiece must suit the player, the instrument, and the musical style. We can modify an existing mouthpiece for you, refinish the mouthpiece you have, or make you a new one.

Most mouthpiece mods can be done in one day. Cal us at 978 823-0580 to schedule.

Some of our common modifications:

Open throat: A larger throat can open up an instrument and allow more pitch latitude. We use reamers, not drills, to open throats for better size accuracy and finish.

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Open Backbore: For trumpet mouthpieces. Our choices are:

  • #24 A large, parabolic shape that is well suited to C trumpets.
  • #7 (Schmitt) A slightly smaller, straight taper backbore.
  • #117 A quicker straight taper, often used for piccolo mouthpieces.

(We use the Bach numbering system for simplicity. Every maker makes his own backbore tools so no one can duplicate another makers' backbore.)


Screw cup and rimsThreading: We can make any mouthpiece into a screw rim or a screw cup. (One mouthpiece yields either a cup or a rim, not both.) Trumpet and trombone mouthpieces can also be made into Warburton or Elliot style screw shanks. We use Bach trumpet and trombone and Giardinelli horn threads as standard. We can also supply Reeves, Halstead-Chidell, Moosewood, Doug Elliot, or Lawson threads, Any thread can be duplicated if you can send us a sample.

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Shank adjustments: We can build up or turn down shanks to set the proper mouthpiece gap or convert horn mouthpieces from Morse to Euro tapers (or vice versa).

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Convert to Reeves Sleeve System:  The Reeves Sleeve system is a series of 25 removable mouthpiece shanks graduated  in 1/64 (.0151) inch steps that allow the player to adjust the mouthpiece gap for best response. We can modify any mouthpiece to accept Reeves Sleeves. 

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Short shank: Mouthpieces can be shortened to optimize the for use in higher pitched trumpets. In addition to adjusting the length and the diameter of the shank we also adjust the backbore to the proper "popping" frequency.

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Mouthpiece bent 8 degreesBend mouthpiece: We can bend your trumpet mouthpiece up to 12°.

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Refinishing and Plating

We do all the preparation here in-house. The whole point of refinishing a mouthpiece is to preserve unique playing characteristics of an irreplaceable old mouthpiece. If a new mouthpiece that will work is available it's almost always a less expensive choice. We finish the rim very carefully with the aim of preserving the original contour. You should expect to see some imperfections: some of them are too deep to remove entirely. You won't feel them since the rough edges have been removed. We round and true the shank and buff the piece to a mirror finish before plating. Modern environmental regulations make cyanide-based precious metal plating too expensive to do in-house so we send our plating to a firm that specializes in musical instruments. The whole process takes about three weeks and we guarantee our silver and gold plating for two years of normal use.

Bob Osmun making mouthpiecesCustom Mouthpieces

We make custom horn, trumpet, and trombone mouthpieces and copies. We can make all the necessary measurements while you wait so you won't be without your mouthpiece. (If you send it to us we will return it the next day.) Our process involves digitizing the cup and rim contours and producing a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file that can be used to make an unlimited number of copies. Copies are made on our standard blanks unless otherwise specified. Copying the outer shape will entail an additional charge. Your new mouthpiece will be ready in about four weeks. Please call us at 978 823-0580 for information.

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