Resonance Enhancement

Resonance Enhancement is the cryogenic stress relief treatment pioneered at Osmun Music. It's purpose is to relieve the stress that is built into brass instruments during the manufacturing process.


What causes stress and why is it harmful?

Stress is introduced into brass instruments in three distinct ways. First is the forming processes used in making and bending tubing, spinning bells, etc. This locks a great deal of tension into the metal. Second is the assembly process, which involves wiring or clamping the parts together for soldering. And third is the soldering process itself, with it's wide temperature changes causing expansion and contraction of the soldered joint. All of these stresses prevent the instrument from vibrating freely and responding optimally to player input.


Do all instruments need Resonance Enhancement?

No. Since one of the primary effects of RE is to simulate the aging process, it is most noticeable on new instruments. Instruments over thirty years old usually show less benefit than newer ones unless they have been damaged or modified. Since any soldering or dent removal causes stress, major repair work on classic instruments should include Resonance Enhancement.


What are the benefits of RE?

Enhanced instruments feel better. They have a complex, interesting tone quality and are very stable. Any player who can appreciate the special qualities of older instruments will immediately feel at home on an Resonance Enhanced horn. The differences are hard to describe but easy to feel. Resonance Enhancement won't fix bad intonation or make you like a bad horn, but it will make a good instrument appreciably better.


How do you do it? Could it hurt my horn?

The process involves a computer-controlled cooling of the instrument slowly to a very low temperature (about -320 degrees). The instrument is held at that point for a specific period and then slowly returned to normal temperature. This process allows the instrument to settle as if it had been played for thirty years, but without the wear and deterioration of an old horn. The process is perfectly safe and does not effect the appearance of the instrument in any way.


How long does it take?

About one week. If we have your instrument by a Thursday, we can usually ship it back to you the following Monday. (Please allow extra time for any repair work needed. It should be done before Resonance Enhancement.


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