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Engelbert Schmid horns are among the finest instruments being made today. Herr Schmid has rethought many aspects of horn design and incorporated them into a full line of double, triple, and descant horns that have found an enthusiastic reception among horn players world-wide.

If you know what you want please call us to place your order. If you're new to Schmid horns please continue to browse down these pages through some of the information we've collected to make your decision easier. We're always eager to talk about Schmid horns so, if something isn't clear or you just want some advice or an opinion, please call or email us.

Special features of Schmid Horns:

Schmid rotors compared to traditional rotor designIn addition to the usual acoustic measurements the horn was designed from a fluid dynamics standpoint in order to understand not only the acoustic functions but the airflow as well. The results can be seen in the unique design of the valve knuckles and the rotors.

The valve cluster is built like a trumpet cluster, in one unit. This eliminates the solder joints between valves and reduces the chances for acoustic reflections. The rotors are cylindrical, with tapered bearings on both ends. The casings open on both ends, allowing the valves to be honed like trumpet valves for a very close fit. When the valves need to be rebuilt the casings can be re-honed and larger rotors fit, a process much quicker and less expensive than traditional valve rebuilding.

Great attention was given to reducing the weight of the horn while maintaining the desired sound. The rotors are much smaller in diameter than any other makers'. Schmid can do this because the very tight fit provides a good air seal even though the distance between the valve ports is less. In traditionally built instruments the valve casings have to be made heavy to prevent them from warping from the heat when the instrument is soldered together. Since the valves of Schmid horns are honed and fit after the instrument is assembled the casings can be made much thinner. The lever assemblies are made of light, forged nickel silver.

The combination of the very light weight of the whole valve mechanism and the smaller diameter of the valves (which reduces the distance the valve has to travel) results in a very fast and light valve action. The narrower lands between the valve ports facilitate smoother slurs.
Schmid Garland

Most valve casings are made of "free cutting" nickel silver alloys. These alloys have lead added to the mix to make them easier to machine. The lead also acts as an abrasive, wearing against the rotors and shortening their life. Schmid casings are made of lead-free nickel silver. It's more difficult to machine but makes the valves last longer.

Schmid doubles, triples and descants are designed to allow the player to use medium. wide, and extra wide bell flares on the same horn body. Flares are available in yellow and gold brass, nickel silver, and sterling silver, with or without garlands. Since the bell flare comprises about 60% of the radiating surface of the instrument great changes in sound and response can be obtained just by changing the flare. (We keep a wide variety of Schmid bell flares in stock and can also convert other horns to use the Schmid ring.)
Schmid horns can be raised or lowered a half-step from the base pitch 
(F to E or F#). This feature opens up a wide range of fingerings. (Imagine Auf dem Strom in Eb!)



Schmid WorkshopIn fall, 2005 Schmid moved into a new and larger workshop in order to be able to meet the demand for these very popular instruments. The build quality of Schmid horns continues to be superb, and the instruments are remarkably consistent from sample to sample.

Osmun Music is pleased to be a U.S. distributor for Engelbert Schmid horns. These instruments, designed and are built by one of Germany's leading players, have rapidly become popular in Germany and enjoy a worldwide reputation for sound quality, flexibility, and security. Engelbert Schmid horns are extremely even in both pitch and timbre. They are available in medium, wide, and extra-wide bores and in yellow brass, gold brass, nickel silver, and sterling silver. We import all our stock double horns in yellow brass with detachable bell, lacquer, and water keys on the mouthpipe and F branch. Other configurations as well as descant, triple, compensating, natural horns, and Wagner tubas are available on special order.

Delivery of new orders is normally six months or less. Please call (978 823-0580 or email us (sales@osmun.com) to place your order.


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