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Our three fine craftsmen have almost one hundred years of combined repair experience.  By working together, they have the opportunity to support each other and reinforce our knowledge base. The spirit of friendly competition in our shop helps us all to produce at the highest level.


Jim Becker handles most of the trumpet work, trombone slides, and tubas. He studied trumpet under Dr. Albert Moore at SCSU, in his home town of St. Cloud, MN. In 1977 while still in High School, Jim began his repair career working for St. James Instrument Repair Service. Later, Jim apprenticed under John Dameron in Boone, NC. Before coming to Osmun, Jim worked for Ward-Brodt Music in Madison WI., where he installed Axial Flow valves in the early 1980's.


His clients include many of the top trumpet players in this country and abroad. Outside of Osmun, Jim enjoys playing trumpet with the Metropolitan Wind Symphony and the Bay Colony Brass. You can email Jim Becker directly at

Jim Becker is an exceptional artisan and I have used his services over the years for any number of improvements on the instruments I played for a living. Each and every service he performed reflected his boundless imagination, his personal musical performance skills, and an unerring sense of intuition. For those who can appreciate the difference, there is always Jim Becker.

Jim Engele, our horn specialist, has been in the repair trade since 1993.  Since then he has worked in Wisconsin (Badger State Repair), Denmark, Saskatchewan (where his family resides) and, from February of 1999, here at Osmun Music.  Although he is skilled in all aspects or brass and woodwind repair, his greatest expertise is in  horn repair. Jim excels in rotary valve rebuilding. He also is skilled in the almost lost art on making hand-formed guard plates. He and his wife Jaqui have two daughters, Holland and Anais.  You can email Jim Engele directly at


Bob Osmun learned the brass instrument business in the traditional manner. He served a seven year apprenticeship with noted Boston repairman William Tottle and also worked at Schilke under the guidance of Jerry Lechniuk. He also counts Walter Lawson and Richard Merewether among his mentors. These days, Bob is primarily a mouthpiece maker. Bob can be reached at


A Sampling of the services we offer:


Scheduling Your Service


Call us at (978) 823-0580 or email to schedule your repair. Whether you're a busy professional or a student with lots of lessons and rehearsals, we know you need your horn. We'll work with your schedule to get you back in business as quickly as possible. Most repairs can be completed in a week or less. Major rebuilds, valve rebuilds, and custom work can take longer. Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to accommodate.


Now offering Same Day Service


Whenever you see the  Same Day Service  button, you can schedule a same day appointment online or by calling us at 978 823-0580. We'll block out time so that we'll work on your instrument immediately. You can wait for it, visit one of our many local attractions, or just go have lunch. We'll call or text you as soon as your instrument's ready.


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