How to ship your instrument to us

Our address is:

Osmun Music, Inc

77 Powdermill Road

Acton, MA 01720


Please include a contact sheet inside the box with all of your contact info (return address, phone and email)

Shipping Tips

    • Do NOT ship any instrument in its case. The case is a hard object the horn will bump into when the shipper drops the box, as you know he will. The case also adds weight, which increases inertia. (It's not the flying through the air that does the damage; it's the stopping.)  Your packing goal should be to produce the least weight possible for the volume (mass), and to keep the instrument separated from anything hard, including the sides of the carton.
    • Use the large 1 inch bubble, bubble wrap, not the 1/2 inch. Use a lot. Cocoon the instrument so you can barely see it. For detachable bell French horns or trombones, wrap both parts of the horn separately. (If we're not working on the flare don't send it.)
    • Put the instrument in a large box with lots of Styrofoam peanuts. (Get cartons, tape, peanuts, and bubble wrap from U-Haul or Pack and Ship stores.) Make sure there are ample amounts of peanuts around the instrument. Bounce the box gently to settle the peanuts and help them to interlock. Crushed newspaper is also good as a filler material. In either case, use enough material that you have to compress the top of the carton slightly when you tape it closed. If it's a fixed bell horn pack it with the bell up and the mouthpipe pointing toward a corner of the carton. Screw bell instruments should be packed horizontally with the body on the bottom and the bell on top.
    •  Label the box clearly with our address and your return address. Make sure your contact information and instructions are clearly visible inside the carton.
    • Use a traceable method of shipping, like UPS or FedEx. Osmun Music is not responsible for packages that don't arrive at the shop.
    • Insure your instrument for the full replacement value, not the price you bought it for.

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