Stringing a Rotary Valve


Take a length of strong nylon or Dacron cord and form a double knot at one end; fuse the end in a flame to keep it from fraying. Thread the cord through the hole as shown.
Bring the free end partly around the stop-arm, counter-clockwise, having first loosened the string screw.
Pass the cord clockwise under the screw head and adjust the lever so that it is approximately perpendicular to the rotor shaft when the stop arm is halfway through its stroke. Tighten the string screw.
Continue the cord counter-clockwise around the stop arm, under the first part, and thread it through the hole at the end of the lever.
Holding the stop arm against the bumper, wrap the cord clockwise around the string screw and tighten. The cord should be loose enough to be deflected about 1/8 in. up the side of the stop arm. Cut of the excess cord, leaving about 1-½ inches and fuse the end. If necessary, adjust the keys by carefully bending until they are level and about 1-¼ inch above the tail of the bell. Be sure not to bend the finger plate.


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