Trumpet Repair Services

Call us at 978 823-0580 to schedule your repair. Most repairs can be completed in a few days; larger projects take longer. Many repairs can be done in one day (with an appointment). We realize that sometimes you need your trumpet right away and sometimes you can leave it a little longer. We work with your schedule.

Jim Becker with Eric BerlinWe have the expertise, experience, and facilities to take care of all your service needs. In addition to the everyday dents and broken solder joints we offer a wide range of services. Listed below are some of our most often requested services.

Chemical\Ultrasonic Cleaning: The difference between a medium-large bore and a large bore trumpet is only .003". Many trumpets have over twice this thickness of debris coating the interior surfaces. In addition to making the horn feel tighter, this material can interfere with valve and slide action. A chemical\ultrasonic cleaning removes deposits of old oil and grease, corrosion, and plaque deposits from the interior of your instrument.   While ultrasonics do an excellent job of removing old oil and grease, they do not remove buildups of plaque or calcium carbonate (the "green crud" you see in your trumpet). Additionally, they can lift poorly applied lacquer and open up any pinholes caused by de-zincification. For that reason, ultrasonic cleaning is particularly unsuitable for older instruments. After a thorough scrubbing out, the instrument is reassembled, replacing all the corks, felts, and bumpers and replacing springs as needed. At the same time, the technician makes a thorough examination of your instrument and can find and correct small problems before they become major ones. Instruments should be chemically cleaned yearly.

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Precision Valve Alignment: Even the best mass produced trumpets can have misaligned valves. Differences as small as five thousandths of an inch can affect the way a trumpet plays. Misalignments of over twenty thousandths are not uncommon. We measure the alignment of your valves individually in both up and down positions and correct it using machining and specially graduated, dimensionally stable, synthetic bumpers. A record is kept so that if the bumpers are lost or mixed up (common during cleanings) we can supply you with a new set of bumpers to maintain your alignment.

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"I haven't thanked you all for the great work! Especially the Schilke C is SOOO much better." (E.B.)

Blueprinting: Blueprinting is a term borrowed from automotive engine builders. It means going over every part of an engine (or trumpet), checking tolerances, adjusting dimensions, and correcting manufacturing errors that are often the difference between a pretty good trumpet and a great one. Blueprinted trumpets play like the best samples of their model. Each instrument is different and needs different adjustments but a typical blueprinting may include:

    • Precision Valve Alignment
    • Removing excess solder and checking for burrs and obstructions
    • Rounding out elliptical bell bows
    • Adjusting mouthpiece gap
    • Adjusting venturi and straightening/centering the mouthpiece receiver
    • Champfering valve ports

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"I've had a chance to work with both trumpets (Schilke G1L-4 and Bach Eb/D) that you worked on a couple of weeks ago.  The Bach plays like nothing ever happened to it, which is great.   The Schilke is absolutely amazing!  The valves work perfectly, and that makes the horn feel even better than it already did.  I can't say enough about the quality of the work you did and how pleased I am with the results.  I continue to tell everyone I know (who cares about trumpets!) about the fine work you did." (S.E.)

Resonance Enhancement: Our cryogenic stress-relief process. Using liquified nitrogen and specialized equipment we slowly cool the instrument to just  a few degrees above absolute zero and then, just as slowly, return it to room temperature. The whole process takes about thirty hours and the nitrogen never touches your horn. After processing your horn will play like it's thirty years old, but with new valves and slides.

"I purchased a new Yamaha Zeno C trumpet some five years ago as I liked it's recording qualities on the John Williams recordings. As I worked with this new horn I kept feeling that the Yamaha was stiff and just didn't sing like the Bach.  I tried a number of things with the braces and mouthpieces and new tuning slides.  Nothing seemed to work for me.  The horn has had limited use since. I decided to send it to the Yamaha pro shop to have  Wayne Tanabe look it over. We decided that after he looked it over and checked everything he would send it to Jim Becker at Osmun Music check it out and then put it into the resonance enchantment process as it was almost a brand new horn."

 "After 6 weeks of playing results are in!  This process works!  The response is even better now and the horn plays much more freely.  The intonation has always been good.  A friend played the horn at a concert a while back and really liked it then.  He played it again last night at our rehearsal and could not believe how much better it played!  He said the next thing he will be doing is sending some of his horns up to Jim Becker at Osmun.  Thanks Jim, a job well done!" (S.C.)



Pitch Finder: A custom-built fine tuning mechanism that enables you to move the main tuning slide while playing.

Piston Venting: A small hole drilled in the 3rd valve piston so that when tuning the valve slide you don't get a puff of air back into your face.

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Custom Mouthpipes: We have a variety of mouthpipes available for Bb and C trumpets and piccolos.

"Thank you for the amazing pipes. They are even better than I had hoped for. Fantastic job!!!" (V.L.)

Valve Rebuilding/Replacement: We can refit your valves to better-than-new tolerances. The pistons and casings are honed to perfect cylindricity, the pistons are built up to size with copper and finished with hard nickel. A valve rebuild includes a cleaning, corks and felts, adjustment of the action slides. Oversize replacement pistons are available for Bach and Schilke instruments.

"My brother received the horn today and is very, very happy and excited with the results. Thanks for your nice work, as usual." (W.P.)

Custom-built Osmun Music FlumpetCustom Instruments/Custom Projects: We can build Bb, C, and Eb trumpets to your specifications as well as undertake any kind of custom project you can envision. We're always happy to consult, advise, suggest. Call us.

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