Trombone Repair Services

Jim with Doug Yeo and Rochut's tromboneCall us at 978 823-0580 to schedule your repair. Most repairs can be completed in a few days; larger projects take longer. Many repairs can be done in one day (with an appointment). We realize that sometimes you need your trombone right away and sometimes you can leave it a little longer. We work with your schedule.

Complete Slide Service: The slide is thoroughly cleaned and burnished, corks and felts (and springs, if necessary) are replaced. Minor dents are removed, slide tubes are straightened and the slide is aligned. If necessary we will adjust the spacing. Slide services can usually be done on a same-day basis with an appointment.

Same Day Service

Complete Valve Service: A valve service is a complete mechanical tune up for your valve(s). It begins with a chemical cleaning. Next, the valves are adjusted to remove end and side play (end play is what causes the annoying click). The bumpers are replaced with permanent neoprene, the lever hinges are tightened, the levers are adjusted to provide the optimal valve action, and any worn or missing screws are replaced. (There is a extra charge for removing broken-off screws.)

Same Day Service

"The package with my hand braces arrived today.  I'm really stunned with Jim's craftsmanship - he is always great but once again he proved why.  Great work all around.  The cork was a nice touch I didn't ask for but I'm glad to have.  It fits PERFECTLY." (D.Y.)

Minibal Linkage Conversions: Our German-made Minibal links are maintenance free, require no adjustments after installation, have a positive feel, and are completely silent. They are a substantial upgrade for many trombones with older style linkages, newer Bach trombones with the vastly inferior Chinese links, and many string linkages.

Same Day Service

Open Rotor Ports: Opening the ports of a rotor can often provide dramatic results. A great many trombone manufacturers use an oval shaped valve port, which often results in a rotor with an average bore substantially smaller than the interior of the F attachment tubing (e.g., Bach large tenors have an average rotor bore of only .542 to .550, whereas the F attachment tubing is .562 bore). This procedure brings the valve up to bore, substantially improving both the open and valve registers in terms of overall response and resistance.

Same Day Service

Jim Becker and Jim Engele with jazgreat Phil WilsonJim Becker, Phil Wilson, Jim EngeleValve Rebuilding: A valve rebuild returns the valves to new (or, in many cases, better than new) condition. The valves are built up with a coat of copper plating, then hand-fit (lapped) into the valve casing. This process, which may have to be repeated several times, brings the valve and casing together in the best possible fit, eliminating any low spots. We also adjust the relative fit of the bearings and the valve body to insure that the valve runs on the bearings only. We use a static air pressure gauge to measure and control the air tightness of the valve at every step in the rebuilding process.

When the valve has been properly fit we finish it with a layer of bright nickel plating. Nickel is non-reactive so corrosion of the rotor is eliminated. Nickel is also self-polishing, a quality that makes nickel plated rotors become smoother and quicker as the instrument is used.

The rest of the valve rebuild is the same as a valve service, usually taking from 5-10 days. The time can vary greatly with the complexity of the job but we will always try to accommodate your schedule.  Please be aware that special situations, like previously plated valves which need to be stripped before rebuilding can entail extra charges. We do not make an extra charge for cylindrical valves.

"Huge improvement so far. Exactly what I was looking for. A far greater change than when this was done to the other 88H--maybe because this one is heavier. I wish I had done this before that damn solo. Sound is richer, better response, and I don't feel the hard tightness that always bothered me about a horn I otherwise liked. No down side that I can feel so far." (R.H.)

Resonance Enhancement: Our cryogenic stress-relief process. Using liquified helium and specialized equipment we slowly cool the instrument to just  a few degrees above absolute zero and the, just as slowly, return it to room temperature. The whole process takes about thirty hours and the helium never touches your horn. After processing your trombone will play like it's thirty years old, but with new slide action.

Jim Becker and Denis Wick, circa 1990Axial Flow Valve & Hagmann Valve Installations: Ed Thayer brought about a revolution in trombone design. His Axial Flow valve, which provides a straight air path in both open and closed positions, eliminates the stuffy response and differences in timbre that characterized rotary valves. We use an Axial Flow valve made by Schilke. Valve assemblies are available for large-bore tenors and both dependent and independent basses.

Osmun Music is proud to be the first authorized US installer for the Hagmann valve.  This new design combines the strengths of the traditional rotor and the Axial Flow designs.  In addition, the wrap is sized to match the size of the slide tubing, which noticeably improves response.  The very open curves of the Hagmann wrap enable a totally stress-free assembly. Hagman valves are available for large-bore tenors and dependent and independent basses. Several different lever setups can be ordered. For more details, call us or visit the Hagmann web site.

Our installations feature a level of attention to detail not available from major manufacturers.  Plus, we can accommodate all special requests at the time of construction. All trombone valve installations include re-lacquering the bell section. Valves will be ordered per job to accommodate customer's particular trombone.


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